Kickstarter campaign for the ‘Colinde’ album kicks off

The campaign for the Colinde album, which is to be released in the Autumn of 2018, has started on Kickstarter. It’s a special project, that originated in Oana Chițu’s childhood in communist Romania, where Christmas songs were forbidden and Christmas itself only tolerated as a private event.

Colinde are Romanian Christmas Carols, folklore that combines archaic musical modes with lyrics related to popular Christian legends and rituals about nature, biblical characters or mythical beings whose nature and meaning goes back to paganism. In order to restore the original purity of such songs, Oana teamed up with Valeriu Cașcaval, a cymbal player from Chișinau, Republic of Moldova, and Dejan Jovanovic, an accordionist from Obrenovac, Serbia.

The project is a challenging one in terms of musical production, so the target set on Kickstarter is relatively high, over 20,000 US dollars. But in a only few days since it was launched, it gathered almost 1,000 USD.

To convince you Oana’s Colinde are like no other, here’s a sample:

More details about the project and Oana’s motivation on the Kickstarter page. Also, you can follow the album’s Facebook page to keep up with more news.

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